Fall harvest for a winter dinner. Photo©Jane Booth

Farm Raisin' Farmers Market

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Today, Tuesday, on the Newbury Village Common

Beets are earthy goodness, roasted roots a favorite in our home. Photo©Jane Booth

Kim Gray from Four Corners Farm has passed our Newbury Village home more than once in the past couple of weeks.  Deftly driving a tractor pulling a long, open wagon she passes by at a good clip when not carrying cargo.  A few hours later she'll return from a field off Cookman Road, her wagon loaded down with bumpy array of colored oblongs and rounds -- earthy smelling potatoes clothed in red and brown, destined for Four Corners and we're hoping they will bring some today to the FarmRaiser at Newbury Elementary School.

Newbury is home to a number of farms raising Scottish Highland Cattle. Photo©Jane Booth

From 3 to 5:30, today -- Tuesday, October 4, the Newbury Common will be bustling with folks picking up pre-orders of harvested goods - vegetables and mushrooms, meat and maple syrup and more -- to store and feed from over the long winter months.  Emmy Hausman has organized the FarmRaiser's food sale "to support local food producers and lend a financial boost to the elementary school's breakfast and lunch programs…"  Pre-orders were arranged with Four Corners Farm, Cook's Farm & Bakery, Green Mountain Yogurt, CotWinkel Farm, Root 5 Farm, Spice of LIfe Baked Goods, Windy Ridge, Hallelujah Honey and Hooper Hill Farm.

Carrots a good winter staple for soups and stews. Photo©Jane Booth

If you forgot to pre-order or didn't know you could pre-order, don't despair.  The vendors will all be there.  Riverside Emus will bring a cooler full of Emu.  Emu? you ask -- Yes, Emu, I said.  We emailed Peggy and Larry Scott last week and requested they bring us 10 pounds of ground emu and 4 emu flank steaks.  Into the freezer they will go to be divvied out once a month or so -- the steaks will be marinated in a mixture of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and thin-sliced onion -- salt, pepper, and sometimes a sprinkling of Herb de Provence then grilled or broiled, sliced thin on a diagonal delicious, especially the next day nestled between two pieces of homemade bread.   The ground emu will get the burger treatment.  The meat is lean, Larry advised I wrap it in bacon instead I push a deep thumbprint into the patty and pour in a good dollop of olive oil.  Either seared on the grill or cooked in a super hot frying pan the emu burgers are delicious drizzled with one of our favorite store bought sauces, the Jamaican Pick- a-Pepper sauce, spicy with peppers and sweet with mango.

Jersey's are cute and produce tasty milk that makes great cheese. Photo©Jane Booth

There will be lots of other goodies to buy -- local meats, pickles and relishes from Adams Family Farm.  Jersey cows -- Frosty, Wild, Bernice, Lily, Liberty, Angel and Clover all adore the fields of clover they feed on at Ryegate's Karim Farm.  Their rich milk has been turned into European-style cheeses -- aged cheddars, swiss and Gruyere-style cheeses, a variation on Morbier, and Vertalia with "a complex, mild, almost nut-like with hints of cheddar flavor."  South Ryegate's My Farmers Market will set up an assortment of food fare.  Welch's Picklin'Shack, Wohlleb Family Farm, and all the farms mentioned earlier will a good selection 

What would fall be without apples? Photo©Jane Booth

Last year Rick Hausman kept busy pressing bushels of apples from Windy Ridge Orchard and I have a feeling he'll be at it again this year, happily handing out samples of just pressed liquid gold goodness.

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Hope to see you -- 3 to 5:30 -- and since you'll be exhausted from the harvest celebration Bradford's Billy Brigtsen and his Bright Sun Kitchen food truck will be right there on the common preparing take home dinners -- bring an appetite and your checkbook too!

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