Ready to ride! - Photo by Jerry Poitras

3rd Annual Ladies Only ride for Breast Cancer

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Cora Grandfield

    In previous blog posts I’ve talked about riding a motorcycle.  I LOVE my motorcycle.  Three years ago a few local ladies started up a “ladies only” motorcycle ride to raise money for breast cancer.  The money each year goes to a local woman battling breast cancer.  I’ve ridden 2 out of the 3 years, as I was unable to ride last year due to health reasons.

Posin' with some new friends before we ride. Photo by Jerry Poitras

            The ride takes place the last Saturday in September and we have lucked out every year and had a gorgeous fall day to travel around the beautiful Vermont roads on our motorcycles.  This year there was 31 ladies, with some men along to aid as blockers for intersections and bring along chase trucks if any of the bikes broke down.

All the lovely lady riders - photo by Jerry Poitras.

            This year we also made a 24-month calendar.  These will be available for sale soon.  The photos were all women and their bikes. Durwood Mark Collier volunteered his time to take photos of everyone and they are amazing!  Check them all out here!  (my pics start around #1930ish)

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            Normally, I am a shy person.  (I can hear my friends say now that I am not shy, but I truly am – I have to FORCE myself to do a lot of things.) You really have to know me for me to open up to you, but when you get a group of fellow lady bikers together you instantly have a bond.  This made it easy to gather up myself and drive down alone and join the crowd.

Somewhere along the ride - photo by Jerry Poitras

            We are always looking for fellow lady bikers to join us, so that next year can be bigger and better.  The ride organizers are amazing!  Each stop is full of fun and games.  It is well organized, (Thank you Lisa Crowningshield Buck, Diane Chaloux, and Sue Walker) and we are kept safe with great volunteer blockers (This year - Thank you Vermont VTWIN Motorcycle Club). Here is the facebook event page.

All the Ladies with our volunteer blockers! Thanks guys! - photo by Jerry Poitras

            Jerry Poitras volunteered his time for the day to take photos of the event.  I didn’t shy away from his camera this year like I normally would, because this is going to be my last year this size.  This gives me a great “before” shot.  Moving on to thinner and better things!  Next year at the ride I will look like a new person.   Almost through all the steps before I can call DHMC to set up my first appointment with them!  It’s getting closer!  YAHOO! 

Me and the infamous Jerry Poitras take a selfie before we all get on our own bikes and take off!

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Peace Out! - Photo by Jerry Poitras


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