Try Something Different… Body-Friendly Yoga That Heals

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Annie Ross

Try Something Different… Svaroopa® Yoga

I would like to introduce myself.  I am Annie Ross, CSYT, RYT 500, (Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher, Registered Yoga Teacher) bringing a unique style of yoga to the Upper Valley.  I have been practicing, teaching and continuing training in Svaroopa® yoga since 2008.  

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I had been trying many different healing modalities for the whiplash in my neck that had bothered me since 1994.  Many people tried to help, but I found no lasting relief.  That changed dramatically when I found this unique style of yoga that focuses on releasing the core muscles wrapped around your spine to give you "core opening,” affecting your whole being; body, mind and spirit.  Since finding this yoga, I have not needed any extra care on my neck for the past eight years.  

What is Svaroopa® Yoga?

Based on a significantly different paradigm in yoga poses, our practice is both physical and more than physical.  In Svaroopa® yoga we specialize in “core opening,” spinal decompression, through releasing the tensions in the layers of muscles wrapped around your spine.  Svaroopa® yoga has a healing effect on all levels of your being: body, mind, and more.  The teachers provide a customized yoga — one-on-one support in every class, to give every student a whole new capacity for movement, breath and aliveness.

Svaroopa® yoga is based on "Core Release,” spinal decompression, using precise alignments to create an inner opening from tail to top.  It redefines strength, giving you stamina and vitality through releasing deep tensions and recapturing your essential aliveness.

Svaroopa® yoga is precise and compassionate at the same time, using props such as blankets and blocks to meet your body where it is.  You don’t push to make the pose happen; you prop and align, this allows the changes to develop.

Svaroopa® yoga is body friendly, yoga that anyone can do regardless of experience or fitness level.  As your spine opens and elongates your experience of the poses also evolves.

Svaroopa® yoga is not exercise,  Yoga International describes it this way:  “Svaroopa® Yoga is a scientific maximization of your body’s capacity, dissolving the tensions that inhibit your body’s natural functioning and inherent healing capacity.”

Svaroopa® yoga guarantees: reducing pain, reversing the age-clock and boosting your healing power.  Physical changes are the beginning of a profound deepening, where all levels open up simultaneously: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  You can experience what the ancient sages promise you: svaroopa — the bliss of your own being.

In Your Community…

You can experience this style of yoga in a group class or in a private session with me.  For privates, I have an office in Norwich VT in the Burton House, 289 Main Street, 2nd floor, Room B12.  Call or email for an appointment.  Group classes are taught in Hanover NH at the Center for Integrative Health, 45 Lyme Road, 2nd floor, Suite 200.  Classes are held on Sundays, 3-4:30 pm, and on Wednesdays, 6:45-8:15 pm. Contact me ahead to register.   Please call for more info on monthly Half Day Workshops and monthly Insight into Yoga: a Discussion Group for You.  

And don’t miss… upcoming Svaroopa® Yoga Weekend Workshop, November 5-6, 9am - 5pm, Living with an Open Heart, at Barrett Memorial Hall in South Strafford, VT, taught by Leading Teacher Addie Alex. Early Registration Discount until October 8th, 2016 ($245), and $295 later.  Call or email for more information or to register. or (802)649-3544. 

This blog is written and sponsored by TRUEPATH. For more information email Annie at


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