Free flowing water under the Rt. 12 bridge in Randolph.

Deadbeat Dam is Finally Dead

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Lee Michaelides

Nothing holding back the Third Branch of the White River.

Last November The Observer reported that a partnership of regional and and local conservation groups was moving ahead with the demolition of the Sargent, Osgood and Roundy Dam that was holding back the Third Branch of the White River in Randolph, Vermont. 

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The dam is gone and the channel has been restored, says the White River Partnership, a local group that worked on the dam removal. Here's a timelapse video of the demolition (you'll need to follow the link to YouTube).

Though the dam itself was small, only about six feet tall, its removal had a major impact. The White River is one of the few free-flowing rivers in Vermont, according to the White River Partnership. It is also the longest undammed tributary to the Connecticut River. Taking down the dam opened 98 miles of continuous fish passage starting at the White River's confluence with the Connecticut River.

Removal of the dam also required restoration of the upstream channel because it was about 5 feet higher than the downstream channel. Contractors went about 450 feet upstream and built a series of 4 steps, pools and riffles so the water cascades down stream to the river level below the dam site. . 

On Saturday, October 2nd from 4-5 pm, the White River Partnership will be discussing and viewing the completed dam removal and river restoration project. The project site is located below the Main St bridge off of Prince Street in Randolph.


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