The Song Remains The Same

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Readings for the World Soul by k.p. buk

First, let me say my challenge of providing weekly readings is been one which I meet with enthusiasm and the utmost determination. Personally, I find this new practice a most worthy exercise in honing my skills in order to provide a most direct and succinct reading possible. However, there is often much more to the story, further details the cards suggest that ruminate for days throughout my psychic awareness, which I should be happy to expand upon if requested.

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For those of you following these readings, you may note a recurring theme referenced again and again. This idea, in fact, is very much the structural core concept binding the whole of the TAROT together, the idea of “collective identity”. Of what could be a lengthy dissertation let me say this: considering any objective idea of what a “thing” maybe and its relevant value, meaning, or worth (when deconstructed properly) relies solely on what a “thing” is not.  A “thing” can only be defined by what a “thing” is not. Looked at from a different angle, the inherent value of any idea pertains "to what lies outside of that idea". This is much the opposite of what can be said of the concept of "collective identity".

Reading for the week of September 25, 2016

The King of Songs remains at the head of our reading and from his song extends a certain poetic justice, as we see it is none other than the Queen of Songs, crying long and loud for social justice, who appears at its core. And it is the nature of her many causes that permeate this reading. 

In order to enact any lasting change, the causes we find worthy to act upon (Temperance) must ultimately be motivated from a place of Love, and if so, it is likely that power of this conviction (Prowess) is rightly motivated. 

Further, without such motivation, if we are to find any common ground whatsoever (Truce), there is no other avenue that the changes we seek through social justice can be rightly enacted. And here it would be neglectful for me not to note this argument is often highly contested by many.

What time to time is wrongly understood to be the usless non-committal inaction of pacifism, to firmly advance our position (King of Spirits), we must discover then utalize the powerful weaponry only acts of peaceful and non-violent protests enable. 


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