From the "Ground" Up

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Brittney Cole


    Boy that Conor sure was dreamy, she thought. Oh who was she kidding? The last time she used the word dreamy she was just starting high school! But that smile. She tried not to look over at the counter where he was working. Brynn didnt seem to know how to act when she got nervous. Her joking demeanor was just a front for all that nervous energy.

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    She was sure she looked like an idiot. Hair tied up loosly, pair of Levi's and a Dartmouth sweatshirt on. The summer was winding down and who did she have to look good for anymore? Which reminded her. She was there for a reason. To write her story.

    Brynn spent the next couple hours nose to the computer screen. When she finally looked up the place was empty. How long had she been there? She stretched in her chair and let out a yawn. Conor then came around from behind the counter as her mouth was wide open, mid-yawn.

    "Are we keeping you up?" He asked sitting down in the seat across from her. Brynn finished her yawn and tried to play it cool. "Well if you werent so boring!"

    Conor's eyes bulged and then he realized she was joking again. "Youre just full of them today arent you?" "What can i say?" she replied. "I was a comedian in my former life."

    "Speaking of which, where did you come from? Its like all of a sudden you appeared."

    Brynn shifted as she began to pack up her laptop. She wasnt sure she could answer him. But it was true, she just appeared.

    "Im from the city. Somewhere far away from here." Brynn couldn't believe it but she was blushing. She stood. "Where i'm from doesnt nesseciarily matter anymore. Its where i'm going." And with that she turned to leave.

    "Wait!" Connor yelled running after her. "I know this is weird since ive only met you like twice but do you wanna grab a cup of coffee with me?" Brynn couldnt help but chuckle. She looked around sarcastically her big blue eyes getting wide.

    "I know, I know. We're kind of at the coffee mecca right now. I was thinking we could grab a cup and take a walk." Brynn looked out the window into the night. She hesitated but decided she could use a nice walk. And who knew, maybe she'd take in some new sights. Seems like all she'd done since she got here was chip away at her book and feel sorry for herself. The hesitation must have flashed in her eyes because Conor grabbed her bag and set it on a table.

    You know, I'm kind of a small town celebrity. I can show you around." This time she didnt hesitate. "You really are something arent you Conor...?" She never got his last name. "Conor's fine" he said as he went behind the bar to make the coffees. He looked up at her and looked as if he was staring into her very soul. "Now Miss Brynn, what'll it be?"

    Brynn flashed a smile. She felt her eyes light up. Something she hadnt felt in quite some time. As she started out the door she called back: "Make mine an iced!"


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