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Squee! It’s my favorite time of the year!  Not just fall, but Tunbridge Fair! 

Tunbridge Fair means different things to different people.  You either LOVE it or HATE it. Personally, I LOVE IT! 

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Many years I have gone all 4 days of the fair.  This year I will be going 2 days.  Some people ask, how can you go all 4 days. Easy! Believe it or not there is quite a lot to do and see there.

If I am there long enough I visit all the animals and see ALL the shows.  That includes everything “up on the hill”.

Even just writing this I find my mind going what do I want to do next?  Do I write about how great the Ed Larkin Contra Dancers are, or how my family gets this awesome parking spot and when I want a break from walking we sit and watch the fair, or about entering items in Floral Hall, or what about the awesome childhood memories of the Chelsea Grange selling fudge, and who can forget about the dancing on the track?

Tunbridge Fair is really a homecoming of sorts for our area.  You really can’t walk that far without running in to someone you know or haven’t seen in awhile.  You stop and chat for a while and move on a little further and start all over again and catch up with the next person.

Some of my favorite things are checking out the amazing talents in Floral Hall.  We have some amazingly talented people in our area and I love checking out their craftsmanship every year.  The baked goods, embroidery, photography, artwork, and of course all the work done by the youngsters.

I love walking through the cattle barns and seeing the children excited to show off their ribbons that they have won.  The young teamsters showing their steers on Sunday morning are AMAZING! If you have never watched them, you should check them out!  Those young people really work with their animals and build a relationship to be proud of!

I love watching the families with their young children riding the rides and playing the games. The smiles, the laughter, the popping of balloons from the games, the squawk of horns won from the games.  I just love it all.  It is just so much better than any other fair in Vermont!

If you need me this weekend I will be at the fair!

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