As Above, So Below

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Readings for the World Soul by k.p. buk

When is a problem too large to be solved? Mathematically speaking, if an equation lacks a solution it's more likely it's just the equation that needs a little re-tooling. Logically speaking, it's safe to assume then, it's the question that we need to get right first.

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For example, one might ask about unstoppable forces colliding with immovable objects. There's no right answer. The question itself is flawed. So, if we imagine living in a world full of broken questions where answers have, slowly and imperceptibly, become irrelevant and conflict rules the day... one might ask, "How is this any different than today?"

Reading for the week of September 4, 2016

Here the center card Separation [traditionally the Ten of Swords] dominates our reading.

When we are cut off from our dreams [Arcadia] there is no hope [Ishtar].

When we are no longer able to access our personal Power we will find that we have no purpose [Universe].

When we become incapable of expressing Pleasure there will be no more laughter, no more love, no more luck [LOL].


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