Dispatches From The Front: Telluride 2016

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Robert Wetzel

Thursday, September 1

The Telluride Film Festival (TFF) 2016 kicks off tomorrow, and over the next four days of the festival I will be your faithful correspondent on the ground, covering all of the activities.  I just arrived in Telluride a couple of hours ago, and the town is definitely buzzing, thanks to both the films announced today (a unique aspect of TFF is that the films to be shown are not announced until the festival is about to begin); and the celebrities who will be in town.

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Some of the most anticipated films that will be showing at TFF2016 include ‘Sully’ with Tom Hanks; ‘Arrival’ with Amy Adams; ‘Manchester by the Sea’ with Casey Affleck; ‘La La Land’ with Emma Stone; and ‘Neruda’ with Gael Garcia Bernal.  And not only will these films be showing – with most of them first-time premieres – but all of the actors I have mentioned will be in attendance to introduce, discuss and promote their films.  I’ll do my best to get a candid picture of some of the stars, but TFF is a distinctly ‘no paparazzi zone’, and so any picture taking will have to be with the permission of the actor, director, etc.  In addition to the actors noted above, directors Clint Eastwood (‘Sully’), Pablo Larrain (‘Neruda’), Aisling Walsh (‘Maudie’); and actors including Aaron Eckhart, Laura Linney and others will be on hand.

The coveted ‘Tributes’, which are presented each year to honor actors, directors and others for their career achievements, will include Amy Adams, Casey Affleck and Pablo Larrain.

One of the annual highlights of TFF are the ‘sneak previews’ which are not announced until the day of their showing.  Past sneaks have included ‘Argo’, ‘Up in the Air’, and ‘Juno’, usually presented by their director or stars.  So we all speculate while waiting in line for the films – not to mention passing along our ‘must see’ recommendations.

And for those of you among my readers in the Upper Valley, I plan to see all of the 'Telluride at Dartmouth' films and provide commentary so you can make your ticket buying choices!

OK, I’m off to a ritual pre-festival dinner – the last real meal I will likely have for the next four days, as I chase from film-to-film, morning-to-night.  My record is 18 films during the 3 ½ days of TFF; let’s see if I can break that!

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