Capt. Shawn Hannux outlines steps citizens can take to become more resilient.

Preparing Resilient Seniors

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Lee Michaelides

Hartford is ready for the next emergency.

Captain Shawn Hannux, a paramedic with the Hartford Fire Department, presented a talk entitled "Emergency Preparedness for Seniors" as part of Hartford’s Resilience Week at a lunchtime gathering at the Bugbee Senior Center

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Hannux offered three important pieces of advice to help community members become more resilient in the face of something unusual like Tropical Storm Irene or a more typical New England weather event --a blizzard, for instance, that might keep someone housebound for a couple of days without power. 

The three steps he outlined: 




Suggestions on how to complete each step can be found here.

The takeaway from Hannux's talk is that Hartford is prepared and well-equipped to deal with emergencies. “We’re trying to insure that our community has the resilience to respond to something like Irene or a large fire," he said. "You won't be standing alone for more than a few hours because of our infrastructure and equipment." 

Hannux described the town's emergency operations center and the various vehicles—including boats—the town can deploy during an emergency.

Responded to a resident's concern about her pet's welfare should she be forced to leave her home Hannux said, "I love animals. We'll bring your pets if it looks like the whole house is going to go."

Well, not all pets. Hannux personally draws a line when it comes to transporting giant pythons. 

Hannux urged residents not to hesitate to call 9-1-1 during an emergency like Irene. Town departments responded to more than 300 such calls during the 24-hours of Irene.  Another tip for Hartford residents is to check the Hartford Fire Department's Facebook page for official information. He recalled that during Irene, social media was flush with rumors that Wilder Dam was going to fail. The fire department called the dam operator who said all the gates were open so the dam wasn't under threat. The Fire department posted the accurate news on its page and the rumors subsided. 


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