Vershire, A Small Town with a Big Heart

Welcome to the Vershire Buzz!

Seven hundred fifty souls, more or less.  That’s roughly the current population of Vershire, Vermont, though it will take a little more digging to come up with the actual up-to-date number.  A phone call to the Town Office resulted in an estimate of 742, when town clerk’s assistant Sis Cadwell handed the phone to Jean (MacDonald, one of our listers) rather than Gene (Craft, our town clerk), who was away. 

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For one of the Upper Valley’s smaller towns, we have a lot going on this summer!  This weekend the Vershire Women’s Wellness Center is sponsoring a Healing Gardens Tour.  From 2-5 on Sunday you can enjoy an idyllic drive of about five miles of our well-groomed paved and dirt roads and stroll through lush and lovely gardens for a mere $5.  The proceeds will go toward the second annual Healing Arts and Crafts Fair to be held this November.

Next week is the fabulous Vershire Summer Camp, free for children from toddlers to teens.  In fact, the teen counselors even get paid, making VerShare, the parent organization, the largest summer employer of teens in our town.  The week-long day camp has an environmental focus, integrating practical skills, multi-cultural education and community building.  Stay tuned for stories of fun and adventure here in the Vershire Buzz next Friday.

The beginning of August will celebrate the Vershire Historical Society with the first-ever Old-Time Festival & Annual Meeting on Sunday, August 7, 2-5 p.m.  All are welcome to enjoy demonstrations of traditional crafts, recipes made from the Vershire Women cookbook series, special historical displays, family history fun and more, as well as the annual business meeting, which is likely to lead to some fascinating storytelling by Gary Goodrich and other members of the Society.

So why the “Vershire Buzz”?  Honeybees and other pollinators are pretty happy in Vershire these long, hot summer days.  We’re free from some of the known or suspected threats - large commercial farms using GMO seed and neonicotinoids, cell phone towers and the like.  Orchards and gardens abound, from Flag Hill Farm to the Mountain School to the old Snowfield orchard besides the many abundant wildflowers.  Beekeepers in Vershire do face some of the challenges shared by other apiarists: long, cold winters, fickle weather, varroa mites and other pests and predators from spiders to bears, but they still find it a rewarding occupation.  If you or someone you know in Vershire is a beekeeper, let me know - I’d love to interview you, or them.

Sweetness, hard work and community.  That’s the life of the honeybee hive, much like our little mountain town.  That’s the Vershire Buzz!

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