The Nighthawks Enjoy Their Day Off

Just some guys being dudes.

    After a borderline embarrassing home stand in which we lost all three games, the Nighthawks had a much needed day off. We had games six days in a row and were exhausted. While that’s no excuse to lose three games in front of record setting home crowds, it was nice to get the day off on Monday to relax both mentally and physically. And that Monday ended up being the most enjoyable day of the summer so far.

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    A host family of one of the players was kind enough to invite us to their lake house on Joe’s Pond, which is about an hour from our field. The name Joe’s Pond doesn’t sound like anything to write home about, but it literally WAS something to write home about, which I’m about to do. As soon as I hopped out of the car my jaw dropped because of how perfect the combination of the house, yard, and lake was. By around 1 o’clock, there were fifteen-ish Nighthawks enjoying a picture perfect day. We fished, played Kan Jam and cornhole (or baggo, depending on where you’re from), tossed the football around, went on boat rides, swam, and stuffed our faces with an absolutely delicious assortment. I also got the worst sunburn of my life but don’t tell my mom; four coats of sunscreen just doesn’t cut it anymore, apparently. The brutal rays were 100% worth the beatings I dished out in the Kan Jam circuit so I can’t really complain.

    Basically, it was a perfect day. And if you’re wondering how the team did after a relaxation day on the lake, we tore the cover off the ball. Ten runs on eighteen hits. Clearly, the potential is there. We’ve struggled as of late, but maybe this is where it comes together. Either way, it’s an excuse to head back to Joe’s Pond with some higher SPF sunscreen and a bottle of Aloe. It feels great to be back on the winning side and we look to stay there tonight as we take on the Newport Gulls. 


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