National Lipedema Awareness Month

Hey everyone sorry I have been so quiet!  It has been super busy!  I know, someone who works two jobs is busy, who would have thunk it! Haha! Anyways, I couldn’t let June sneak by without mentioning that it is National Lipedema Aweareness Month.

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Lipedema is NOT the same as lymphedema.  It affects mostly women.  It has also been called the painful fat syndrome. Lipedema is not very well understood in the US.  Basically you develop fatty tumors called lipoma’s in the fatty connective tissue area of your legs and arms.  It also causes swelling from your thighs to your ankles, but stops just at your ankles and your feet are not involved. A fantastic resource is Cure Lipedema.

There is some thought that I may have this.  I probably have about 10-15 lipoma’s in my legs and my left leg especially swells and I am supposed to wear compression stockings for it. They are not beautiful, nor are they comfortable.  Say nothing about wearing them in 90 degree heat.  There are only a handful of doctors that can truly diagnose you.  Karen Herbst is one and she is in Arizona.  You can watch her video here:

Basically I want to leave you with this.  Not every larger person you see is fat because they are lazy.  There are tons of valid medical reasons, this being just one.  So think before you judge.  Educate yourself.

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