Mac computer bargains
Price:  $295~435

I have 2 bargain  Macs for sale.

Mac Pro - $3200 when new, now $295. 

     Why so cheap? It is the 2nd version of the Mac Pro with dual Quad Core Xeon 3ghz processors, 10gb of ram, a SuperDrive DVD burner and a 500gb hard drive. Mac Pros from 2006 to 2012 were big, aluminum cased powerhouses but the nature of the processors mean it can not run a Mac OS X newer than version 10.7.5. It is a beast running any high end graphics or video software that supports Mac OS X Lion or Snow Leopard, but internet browsers like Chrome or even Apple's own Safari require a newer OS X to guarantee security doing internet based encrypted transactions (I.E. Buying stuff). But if you need a powerful computer for real tasks that require more than a phone or tablet, this is a steal at $295 and in perfect running condition.

    Add a 30" Apple Cinema Display HD for another $450.

    Next: An excellent condition 21.5" late 2009 iMac. It spent a year in an office environment and then the owner retired. After that used once a year to sort out taxes.

If interested in either one, contact Rob at 802-280-5192 or email

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