Clickpoint: 3 Reasons to See Lustenader's Paris
You could pack a suitcase, cram yourself into what passes for a seat on an overnight Air France flight, and arrive in the City of Light jet-lagged.  Not that any of that would be a bad thing. But you could also skip the airport check-in line, refrain from stuffing all of your liquids into a no-privacy one-quart plastic bag, and take yourself to OSHER's exhibition of Jim Lustenader's photographs. It's an eyeful of Paris over recent decades. Here are three reasons you may want to see what Lustenader saw when he looked through his camera's lens. 1. You love dogs.  Not every shot contains a canine companion, but several do.  (The caption above: Begging).  Most of these are in Paris living rooms, also known as cafes.  Dogs are welcome in these public spaces, and one can always strike up a conversation with French people by admiring their pooches.  The dogs in these photos are not mere adjuncts to their human companions, however.  They hold their own, and tell their own narratives. Connection


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2.  You love people-watching.  Lustenader has said that he has a passion for  "the excitement and challenges of storytelling through scenes captured on the street.  As a scene unfolds, I look for the 'clickpoint'. . .no shots are posed, or staged or altered." This is unvarnished people-watching, caught at the vital moment. (Imagine the precise timing that caught these two in Connection, above.) Don't we sometimes do this with our own naked eye--watch an ordinary scene unfold and identify the instant when the story becomes clear?  If you are a people-watcher, you will delight in the moments that Lustenader has found.  Best of all, you can stare at the people in these images for as long as you like without fear of being rude, or worse, being caught. image

Cover shot of Paris In a Second

3.  You love Paris.  The Eiffel Tower is worth a look, and the entire Musee D'Orsay is unparalleled.  Other cities have their museums and monuments, too. It is the streets of Paris, however, that fill me and others who love it, with the sights that seem quintessentially Parisian:  cafes, more cafes, the stairs down to the Seine and up from the metro, people reclining in the ubiquitous metal chairs in the parks.  It's Lustenader's milieu. Reader


This exhibition continues until March 31 at the OSHER offices at 7 Lebanon Street (next to the Salt Hill Pub) in Hanover NH.  Other photographs by Jim Lustnader can be found at this website.  The above photos are from his book, Paris In A Second, and are included here with his kind permission.


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