How to Use dailyUV to Post to the Listservs
It's simple to boost your Market, Event, or Talk post to a wide audience by using the "Alert the Lists" feature on dailyUV. Once you've filled in the details on the first page of the "Create" interface, move on to page 2, "Promote." You'll see an option to "Alert the Lists" with a little toggle -- click that to On, and you'll see a dropdown, like this: Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.35.03 AM If you've created an Event or a Market listing, you'll have an option to send a text-only version to one or multiple lists (as long as you're already subscribed -- more on that in a moment). If you've created a Talk item, you'll have only one listserv option: the one associated with your "home community." Once you've picked the list or lists you're interested in, move on to page 3, look over your post, and then hit "Save & Publish." Your content will appear on dailyUV and be sent to the lists you chose automatically.
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Keep in mind...

-- dailyUV is separate from the listservs. Vital Communities has kindly allowed us to use the lists they administer, but you'll need to observe their rules. -- This means that even though you've signed up for dailyUV, you'll need to be signed up separately to the lists you're interested in. Here are instructions for how to do that. If you haven't signed up to a listserv you're trying to post to, your message will be rejected by Vital Communities' system. -- At the moment, our only agreement is with the Vital Communities lists. This means you'll have to post to Lyme, Hartland, and Cornish Connect the old-fashioned way. -- If you copy and paste the main content for your post into dailyUV, it'll be helpful to clear out any formatting, which otherwise might make your content look odd when it appears on the listserv. To do this, highlight your content, then find the little eraser icon above the entry box and click it. Here's what it looks like: Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 1.54.02 PM -- We have an issue -- we're working on it! -- with paragraphing sometimes disappearing in posts that are sent to the lists. If you copied and pasted your words into the description/text box rather than typing them in directly, you'll find it helpful to close up the spaces between paragraphs, then re-create them.  

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