Author Visit - Isa Oehry at the Baxter Memorial Library
The Baxter Memorial Library was full, with only a few seats left to sit. Not a usual scene for the small, one-room library, on a Thursday afternoon. People came from all over the Upper Valley to listen to local author, Isa Oehry read and discuss her first book: Under a Blue Moon. During an auspicious night, Isa Oehry experienced an extraordinary event and spontaneously committed one year of her life to finding an explanation of what had taken place. Under A Blue Moon, the adventurous and often humorous chronicle, filled with insights throughout, resulted from this commitment. The Liechtenstein native started her talk with an overview of her country's history, intertwined with her personal one. She displayed some beautiful personal pictures. "This book starts on a peaceful night, this picture", she said "was actually taken the night it all started." The night in question was her birthday night, under a blue moon. She read an excerpt from her book: "Avoiding unnecessary noise, I slipped into my canoe, placed myself in the middle, and braced my bare knees firmly against its sides.I pushed off.It was dark,so far a moonless sky.Instantly I felt atone with my vessel,enjoying the sensation of my canoe’s response to the slightest and most subtle movements of my body. I glided with ease. I loved that feeling." IMG_0992 She followed her presentation by questions from the enthusiastic crowd. Holly from Randolph asked her about life changing habits. "Did you quit your job to go on this journey?" We are used to those memoirs, of women leaving everything behind and exploring the world (Wild, Eat Pray Love). "No, nobody even knew I was having this personal challenge, journey. It took a few months to tell my close friends even." She woke up the next morning, and went to work, she said. She would force herself to go in the woods behind her workplace, every day for lunch. "To ground myself". She finished by saying that this was not a book for everyone. But even if you don't resonate with her story, this is a very personal, authentic, and beautifully written story. Isa's book is available at the Norwich Bookstore, Yankee Bookshop in Woodstock, Dartmouth Bookstore, and other Vermont bookshops across the state. It is also available on her website: or on She will be signing her book in Woodstock VT on Feb. 9th at 4:30pm at the Norman Williams Library.
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