The Flu
I am terrible at being sick. I whine and freak out about all of the things I am not getting accomplished. I much prefer a fever and stomach issues to a cold. If I had a head cold I most certainly wouldn’t be writing this right now. My daughter was sick several days ago and when I hadn’t come down with anything, as she got better I got all cocky about how great my immune system was. Well, nature doesn’t care for cockiness and not 12hrs later I had a fever with intense chills and mild delirium. My stomach isn’t too happy either. What I think about when I’m sick is my general state of health. Here is the issue: we are currently eating foods (even many organic foods) that contain fewer nutrients than in the past, while we are increasingly exposed to stronger viruses and bacteria. Our soils are depleted, and only a small percentage of farms are focusing on building soil health. Our diet has also become more homogenous (with carbs taking up way too much of our food intake), depriving our bodies of immune boosting phytochemicals. We also have a fast-moving society that creates a great deal of stress in almost everyone’s lives. We all know how much stress can affect our physical body. Being sick slows me down and creates time for me to think. Some of the most important decisions of my life are ones I made while ill. Most of the time I am just too busy to put my life in perspective. I usually stress about one or several things and not the whole. So, though I detest being ill, it has its uses. Now, hopefully I will get well soon so I can get back to work!
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