America's Most Entrepreneurial Universities
This story appeared in the August 18, 2014 issue of Forbes. For the second time, Stanford University out-muscled its East Coast rivals to top the FORBES 2014 most entrepreneurial universities list. Silicon Valley’s reach has extended across California, as the state’s schools took over half of this year’s top ten spots. FORBES ranked the nation’s most entrepreneurial research universities based on their entrepreneurial ratios – the number of alumni and students who have identified themselves as founders and business owners on LinkedIn LNKD -0.06% against the school’s total student body (undergraduate and graduate combined). Here are the highlights of the top 20 start-up schools on our list: 1 Stanford University Its entrepreneurs don’t always wait for degrees. Among its famous dropouts: Google's GOOGL -0.37% Larry Page and Sergey Brin; Yahoo’s Jerry Yang and David Filo; and Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel. 2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Its student-run $100K Entrepreneurship Competition has led to the creation of more than 130 companies and 2,500 jobs. 3 University of California, Berkeley Berkeley has three startup incubators on campus, including SkyDeck, a joint effort of the university’s research office and its business and engineering schools. 4 Cornell University Founded in 2001, the Cornell Entrepreneur Network has organized hundreds of events for about 20,000 alumni, students, staff, parents and friends (read my colleague Natalie Robehmed’s profile on Cornell). 5 University of California, Los Angeles State school UCLA hosted 4,000 developers in April for the second annual LA Hacks hackathon. 6 California Institute of Technology Caltech boasts 32 alumni and faculty Nobel laureates despite a total student body of fewer than 2,300 in Pasadena. 7 Brown University Popular professor Barrett Hazeltine has been teaching entrepreneurship and engineering for about half a century. Former students include the founders of Nantucket Nectars. 8 Princeton University Summa cum laude grad Jeff Bezos was president of its Students for the Exploration & Development of Space. He donated $15 million to build its neuroscience research center. 9 Pepperdine University Associated with the Churches of Christ, this private school in California counts among its alums eHarmony founder Neil Clark Warren. 10 Dartmouth College Dartmouth’s Entrepreneurial Network (DEN) has provided support for over 500 projects and companies since 2001. 11 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute RPI, established in Troy, N.Y. in 1824, claims to be the oldest science and technology school in the English-speaking world. 12 Yale University Telecom mogul John Malone got his start as an electrical engineering student at Yale; he has since donated $74 million to the engineering school. 13 Clark University Matthew Goldman turned his economic lessons at Clark into Blue Man Group, now a multimillion-dollar show across the country that he cofounded. 14 Syracuse University Private equity titan Daniel D’Aniello, a magna cum laude graduate, funds an internship program that gives 20 students hands-on entrepreneurial experience each year. 15 Southern Methodist University Selected students at SMU’s business school gain firsthand venture capital experience by running the Cox MBA Venture Fund. 16 New York University NYU will open a 5,900-square-foot Entrepreneurs Lab in the heart of Greenwich Village this fall for students to exchange ideas. 17 Howard University Sean “Diddy” Combs got his honorary doctorate degree earlier this year almost 25 years after dropping out of the school to build his music empire. 18 San Diego State University Rubio’s Grill cofounder Ralph Rubio enjoyed his first fish taco while on spring break from SDSU; the company now has more than 190 restaurants nationwide. 19 University of Colorado, Boulder The university got a $4 million grant from Blackstone Group to build an entrepreneurs network for the state. 20 University of California, Santa Barbara In July UCSB and the nearby city of Goleta opened a 4,500-square-foot incubator in Oldtown Goleta. The rest of the top 50 universities are: 21 University of San Francisco 22 University of Southern California 23 The University of Texas at Austin 24 Carnegie Mellon University 25 University of Miami 26 Northwestern University 27 University of Denver 28 Boston University 29 American University 30 Brigham Young University 31 Miami University-Oxford 32 Brandeis University 33 Florida Institute of Technology 34 Harvard University 35 University of Maryland-College Park 36 Hofstra University 37 Southern Illinois University Carbondale 38 University of Tulsa 39 Tufts University 40 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 41 University of Notre Dame 42 University of Pennsylvania 43 University of Washington-Seattle 44 Clarkson University 45 Lehigh University 46 Pennsylvania State University 47 University of San Diego 48 Boston College 49 Colorado State University 50 Rice University Additional reporting by Paige Carlotti, Frank Manning, Cara Newlon, Zheyan Ni, Chase Peterson-Withorn, Natalie Sportelli. Follow me on Twitter @chen_liyan or on Facebook. 25 Colleges With The Best Return On Investment For 2014 1 of 25 1. Harvey Mudd College 1. Harvey Mudd College 20-year ROI: $980,900 Typical starting salary: $73,300
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