No Surprises... at Least in the Awards
With the issues of diversity in film swirling around the Oscars this year, there has been plenty of room for debate and discussion. Unfortunately, not much of the debate and discussion could be centered around the awards themselves. With so many pre-Oscar awards shows now in play – from the Golden Globes to the SAGs to the Directors Guild, not to mention BAFTA, Spirit, People’s Choice, etc., etc., etc. – the Oscars have become too much of a foregone conclusion. And so there were very few surprises among the awards last night. That said, the show under the light hand of Neil Patrick Harris was actually fun to watch – and that is a surprise! Perhaps the Oscars have found their next multi-year host, and we won’t have to suffer through another Hathaway/Franco debacle.  And without huge singing and dancing production numbers (EXCEPT the silly Lego song) we got some excellent music, especially the revelation that was Lady Gaga channelling Julie Andrews. The races did attract a tremendous amount of interest here in the Upper Valley, however, as the TUV Oscar contest attracted a record number of replies, and we were up well into the morning scoring the ballots so that we can announce the winners here as you enjoy your morning coffee – and I enjoy my morning workout at the gym, to be followed by a morning nap to catch up! So without further ado, here are our three winners: First Place, with a perfect ballot across the board, and the winner of FIVE passes to the Nugget:  Jimmy Orsag Second Place, also with a perfect, and the winner of three passes to the Nugget: Denexxel Domingo Third Place, with a score of 16, and the winner of two passes to the Nugget: Jerry Danner. Both the first and second place winners had perfect ballots, but neither had the tiebreaker correct. Therefore the date of the ballot submission broke the tie.  Winners will be contacted by to verify their authenticity and confirm the delivery of their prizes. Thank you to all who entered. And particularly thank you to the management of the Nugget Theater in Hanover for providing the awards. The Nugget continues to offer the best films, with the least hassle, the fewest trailers and the freshest popcorn in the Upper Valley. Go visit soon! And be one the lookout for the next TUV contest, this time about wine! Coming soon….


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