Fine Art, Fine Food
This years FAFF event takes place on Saturday, September 20 between 6:00 pm and 8:30 pm at The Barn located at 125 Breck Hill Road in Lyme. Tickets may be purchased in advance at the Lyme Country Store, at Long River Studios, or at the event for $35.00 per person. A preview of the items in the auction will be held the afternoon of the auction from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at The Barn – no admission charge – and bids will be accepted at that time. Proceeds from this event and other fundraising efforts of the Utility Club raised over $20,000 last year. The Club’s mission is to offer financial support, in the form of grants, primarily to local or Upper Valley organizations run by, affiliated with, or serving the needs of the residents of Lyme.

About the Utility Club of Lyme:

The Utility Club of Lyme (TUC) was first organized on May 28, 1914. The purpose of the club was to “promote the usefulness among our members for the church and community of our own home town and to increase its social life”. Typically the early meetings were held in a member’s home, and entertainment was provided by one lady reading aloud, conducting games, singing, etc, while the members did ‘”handwork”. In the years since, the Club has grown to about 50 members, but the purpose and structure remains about the same. Over the years the Club has contributed much to the town of Lyme in the way of financial support. The original Visiting Nurses were started and funded by the Club; thousands of dollars in scholarships have been given to Lyme students; and the fire department, FAST squad, Lyme Newsletter, the Upper Valley Haven, WISE, and many other organizations which provide services to the residents of Lyme have all benefited over the years. Membership is open to all people in, or connected with, the Town of Lyme."
The list of charities TUC typically supports through all of its various annual fundraising events (plant sale, quilt raffle, luncheons, FAFF art/craft auction, etc.) includes the following local charitable organizations:
$10,000 for scholarships for students from Lyme, $4,000 for the Parish Nurse program, which provides care for all Lyme residents, $1,000 to Lifeline to help those who are homebound, $1,250 to the Community/Church newsletter, $750 to the Lyme Fast Squad, $1,500 to the Upper Valley Haven, and TUC members maintained the flower beds on and near the Lyme Town Common. In other years, WISE and the Lyme Fire Department have received donations. Each year TUC members determine which charitable organizations they will support with monies raised that year. This article was written by Dave Celone of Long River Studios. Thank you, Dave!
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