An Unexpected Day
Yesterday was one of those days when all of my OCD-style (obsessive compulsive disorder) plans were demolished. My daughter wasn’t feeling well and stayed home from school. Hmm, so much for the Christmas shopping I planned. Fortunately, the day turned out better than if my plans had worked out. I didn’t complete half of what I needed to get done, but I spent time with my husband and my daughters, and even my mom. I do not do well with unexpected change. I’m on the OCD spectrum and change and surprise are exceedingly difficult for me. When this occurs I am not the most fun person to be around. In the end I usually deal with whatever change has occurred, but I rarely change my attitude about the turn of events. Yesterday was different, after several minutes of grouchiness I somehow turned things around and accepted the situation. I sat down and played a game with my daughter (her favorite game is a bird trivia game), and relaxed into the moment. One benefit of being on the OCD spectrum is that I can fit everything into small time slots with efficiency, if the occasion demands it. After rearranging the day’s schedule and getting some last minute babysitting (for the Christmas shopping), I was able to complete the necessary items on my list. I had promised my daughters we would get a tree, so that was a necessity. My original plan had been to look for one quickly on my mom’s property, flag it and come back later. Since I couldn’t do some of the other things I needed to-like posting the blog I still haven’t finished-it afforded me time to walk the property with my mom and cut down the tree to bring home. It was a lovely walk. With the help of my husband, nearly everything was accomplished before dinner. The day ended with time spent with my family decorating our tree (the only part of Christmas I still love) and listening to Christmas carols, which I was somehow enjoying. Just before my daughters’ bedtime we all sat on our couch, turned all the lights off and sat quietly looking at the tree. That moment reminded me to live in the moment and let go (or at least try to!) of my desire to control every aspect of my day.
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