The Local Buzz
The Local Buzz is my favorite place to go in Bradford. It isn’t just the fabulous sandwiches, or the cozy atmosphere; it is the amazing community of people that spend time there. Some people are regulars, others come and go, and nearly everyone is willing to have a spontaneous conversation about nearly any subject. The Buzz opened 6 years ago, the first “real” coffee shop in Bradford. It’s a place to go for work, fun and comfort. They source much of their food from local farmers. You can get local meat, and happy eggs on a bagel made a quarter mile down the road. Nearly every time I come to the Buzz I end up eating more than I planned to. When my younger daughter was born I was a single parent, and the Buzz was the one place I could go with my children and relax while getting necessary adult interaction. They have a small play area for children to occupy themselves, while parents sip much needed coffee. For fun the Buzz has First Friday, which usually involves music and always involves fabulous food. Recently, there have been a few wine tastings from Three Sisters Vineyard. The atmosphere is always relaxing and exciting all at once. For years I have come here to study. It gives me a place to procrastinate and take time off…until Inger tells me to get back to work. I have completed many papers in this place (I am writing this at The Local Buzz). The ability to study here has been crucial to the completion of my degree. At home I would have occupied myself with a million other projects while my books (or more realistically, my computer) lay unopened. I am thankful to have this amazing community-oriented place in my town. I have made so many connections here over the years that are invaluable. If you haven’t been to The Local Buzz, please check it out. 72 Kyra, Simon, Rylie, and Kingsley
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