Totally Coolest Picture of the Week
IMG_9720-e1430919064429-600x800 © KP McFarland The Vermont Center for Ecostudies explains on its blog
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: A few days ago Kent McFarland, a senior research biologist at VCE and a volunteer for Woodstock Fire Department, was extinguishing hotspots on a large forest fire near the Appalachian Trail in Norwich. The remaining hotspots tended to be small piles of downed trees or old snags and hollowed sugar maples tapped long ago. But one tree stood out in the fading evening light. Hollow but still alive, an Eastern White Pine tree glowed from within. The hollow trunk funneled fire upward and holes, carved by Pileated Woodpeckers exploring for food in the rotting tree, glowed orange with fire with flames licking out of some of them.


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