This week's wood-fired breads
Hello everyone-

It’s late, but the power has come back on, systems are re-booted and we’re on for tomorrow.  Pre-ferments are bubbling away, and I’ll be firing the oven tomorrow morning (Monday) for an afternoon delivery to town. I will be down at the café in S. Strafford from 5:30-6:30 pm with both reserved loaves and extras, if there are any, for drop-ins.  If you'd rather pick up your bread at the house on Old City Falls, just let me know in advance, please, and everything should be available for pickup between 4:15-5:00
As always, to reserve something just send me an email and I will respond, hopefully by about 2:00, maybe a little later confirming that I both received your email and that I have your loaves.  Demand has been high for the last several weeks, so I do recommend placing your order early rather than later to ensure you get the loaves you want.

One more reason to order tomorrow, I’ll be away for the rest of the week so there will be no commercial deliveries this week.  In other words, the only place to get my bread this week will be from this order so stock your freezers while you can...
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