Moon Clearing - May 3 Sun. 6-8pm - Wellness for Professionals


Come for the Scorpio Full Moon Clearing..   


May 3, Sunday 6-8pm     $25 - $100 sliding fee



It’s INDOORS; chairs provided; simple, easy, relaxing.   Yes parking; yes bathroom.  No, you don’t have to “share.”  Yes, It’s anonymous. 



Have fun, meet nice people, laugh, try something new, and feel better..



Benefits: stress reduction; sleep better; feel more clarity; align with your peaceful inner truth; expand meaning; increase productivity; and so much more.  Check out the testimonials on the website.   More on my desk, waiting for me to post.  Nice, gratitude letters every week.



I’ll do a quick Energetic Anatomy explanation (Chakras, Etc.); an Astrology note on the day; then a relaxing energy clearing (think, “guided meditation” times a thousand..)  with crystal bowls CD.



Informative article, written by my teacher / mentor:   Dartmouth honors RYSE Class with their WELLNESS reimbursement of $200.    Next RYSE class this summer, or arrange your own private group (4+ people).  Perfect for families, friends, or work team building.



WHO comes to these??  Folks in:  Medicine, Finance, Education, Law, Administration, Business, Dining and Entertainment, IT,  Arts, Equestrians, Fitness, Families;  and everyone else who wants to move to the next levels of feeling better.



Email to reserve your seat or to find out more…



Suzanne Trumbore Leitschuh, RPP, BCPP



The Happy Medium



Transformational Healing Center



(802) 785-4894



Ready to Feel Better?



Ready to try Something NEW??



 Read the fascinating and fun testimonials on:







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