An Invitation to join the chorus: Robin Hood comes to the Summer Revels











In this our spacious isle I think there is not one,
But he of ROBIN HOOD hath heard and Little John;
And to the end of time the tales shall ne'er be done Of Scarlock, George a Green, and Much the miller's son, Of Tuck, the merry friar, which many a sermon made In praise of ROBIN HOOD, his outlaws and their trade. --DRAYTON





You've been to the Revels North Summer Solstice celebrations and know how much fun they are.  Go a step further this year and participate in the chorus!  There are no auditions; all you need to do is register!  Come and Revel in Sherwood Forest on June 20 to celebrate the Summer Solstice.


Once you've done it, you'll be hooked!  Visit the Revels North website at  for more information and to register.




Laura Craft Company Manager, Revels North



Summer Revels Production Manager





Bringing Traditions To Life







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