Lots of education news today.
Nice piece in the Rutland Harold - Small schools, big rewards

I thought a lot about BMU as I was reading it ...The article looks at costs and benefits of small schools. "The average cost per pupil in these [33 K-12 school districts in the state] …, according to 2014 reports from the Vermont Agency of Education, was $12,511. Of the seven K-12 districts with more than 1,100 students, three (including the largest two) spent above that amount. Of the 26 K-12 districts with fewer than 1,100 students, 13 have below average per-pupil costs. Size and cost are not closely related in Vermont."


Here is one man's opinion on a way to control the cost of education.

Jay Eshelman: The myth of local control


H.361 continues to be move through the House. Spending caps will have an impact on BMU.

House Ed. Committee Swaps Firm Spending Limit With Flexible Cap


What struck me about this article was the opening statement, "

Vermont spends an average of more than $20,000 a year educating each of its elementary, middle and high school students." That is certainly more than BMU spends.

It goes on to talk about other reforms under consideration regarding the right of teachers' to strike. (Full disclosure here, I come from a union family and support workers' right to strike).

Education reform efforts gather momentum


Let's hear it for the little guys. I am glad to see that something like this is happening regarding small rural school districts.

 "Although the group wasn’t formed to oppose legislation, Sibilia points out that the knowledge shared may encourage legislators from districts with small schools to lobby for changes in proposed legislation to alleviate challenges small schools face. “The folks I’m talking to have a number of shared concerns,” she said. “This gives us a vehicle to make sure we’re sharing where we think reform is most needed, and an opportunity to coordinate those voices. Voters want to see property tax reform, and not everyone understands that consolidation is not going to bring us that property tax reform.”

Local rep. bringing small school district legislators together


And this just makes me sad. But perhaps it is those teachers with passion and determination, those that push back and put the kids ahead of the tests, that are just what we need.

 "The new common core curriculum and the tests that accompany it are tending to treat teachers as mere technicians," she said. "They open the box and they read the script, and that's not what good teaching is about. It's an intellectual enterprise, and that's been stripped from it by the current climate."

Don't Become a Teacher, Advises Award-Winner Nancie Atwell


Thanks for reading another long post :)

Judy Murray

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