This week's wood-fired breads
Hello everyone,

Wow, is it time to fire the oven already?  Yes indeedy do it is.  It feels like I just finished with the Home Life show, but the calendar waits for no man so back at it I go. I’ll be firing first thing tomorrow morning (Monday) for an afternoon delivery to town. I will be down at the café in S. Strafford from 5:30-6:30 pm with both reserved loaves and extras, if there are any, for drop-ins.   If you'd rather pick up your bread at the house on Old City Falls, just let me know in advance, please, and everything should be available for pickup between 4:15-5:00

As always, to reserve something just send me an email and I will respond, hopefully by about 2:00, maybe a little later confirming that I both received your email and that I have your loaves.  The past few weeks have been complete sell outs, however, so I do recommend ordering as early as you can in order to secure the loaves you like.

If you cannot make it tomorrow, I will be delivering to Dan and Whits in Norwich on Wednesday and Friday.  The Chef’s Market in Randolph and, my new location, the Upper Valley Food Coop in White River Junction, will get bread on Friday this week. It looks like I’ll be taking some different loaves down to the UVFCoop than what I’ve been taking to other stores so check my Facebook page ( for what I’ll be delivering to each location for the rest of the week (I’ll try to be good and update it this week… sorry about not doing so last week.)

See you soon! 



Monday's list:

100 Acre Sourdough: an all naturally leavened bread with no commercial yeast, this European style sourdough boasts a balanced flavor, as opposed to the biting sour of the San Francisco style, enhanced by hand-ground whole wheat flour.  A satisfyingly chewy loaf delicious with soups and stews, as morning toast or the foundation of an epic sandwich.  $6

Pain de Campagne: a traditional country French bread made with a portion of hand-ground wheat, spelt, and rye flours, this crusty loaf boasts a distinct flavor, an open crumb, and pleasing crust. A wonderful all around bread, this is a definite go-to for sandwiches, toast, or alongside a hardy early spring meal. $6
Halfsies Whole Wheat: this mild wheat made with 50% whole wheat flour and 50% of the total flour pre-fermented overnight enjoys a soft crumb and delicate flavor. Dubbed "training wheels wheat" by some this is a very kid-friendly loaf that also appeals to the discerning adult palate. And it’s just plain wonderful eating..  $7

Filone: an Italian bread made with lots and lots of extra virgin olive oil and a little extra salt to really bring out the flavor, this light, soft bread will wow your taste buds.  Perfect with pasta, this bread really shines when quickly thrown on the grill.  $6

Cinnamon Swirl: The same loaf as my cinnamon raisin just without the raisins so that the butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon shine all on their own. Okay, it’s just that I know some of you, err, dislike raisins. $7
Pizza dough (by pre-order only): this soft, easily stretched dough yields an open crust with a well balanced flavor. Each dough will make a large pizza. $3
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