Yoga Workshops


Chataranga: basics, transitions and challenges


Lead by Sheena Loschiavo, Registered Yoga Teacher



March 19






Bradford Methodist Church






For many of us, chataranga is a challenging yoga pose.  You may have questions about whether you
are doing it correctly. It is a pose that is often practiced repeatedly in a practice and therefore very important to have proper aliment to not only receive all of the intended the benefits, but also to prevent injury. 



Join me for this workshop as we refine and fine-tune our chataranga, learn ways to engage the proper muscles to support proper alignment and discover chataranga transitions that help your practice flow and offers you a challenge.



Please contact me to sign up or with any questions:



802-522-6135 or



Flip your Perspective: Intro to Headstands & HandstandsLead by Sheena Loschiavo, Registered Yoga Teacher



Saturday April 4






Bradford Methodist church






Safely learn the basics of headstand and handstand! Whether you've never done one, you used to do them and haven't in a really long time or you practice them all the time and want to work on your technique or transitions, this workshop got you covered.



Learn the physical and emotional benefits of inversions, practice step-by-step techniques needed to safely come into headstand and handstand (or your expression of the posture), cultivate a focused, powerful breath to come into challenging poses, strengthen key muscles needed to master headstand &am
p; handstand.



Space is limited, please contact me to sign up or with any questions:



802-522-6135 or








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