Moon Clearings are INDOORS!!!!!! here's more information... .


Dear Energetic Anatomy Enthusiasts,


( Huh?? What??? --- Come find out!!  This is experienctial….)



OF COURSE we are INDOORS for all clearings, classes and Moon Events!!! 



There is a bathroom, lighted parking, shoveled walks, and heat, but DO dress in layers.  (light colors, whites, preferable).   Wear warm socks…



The nice people who attend are aged 20’s to 70’s; both men and women, from all professions; all with open minds, and skeptics (including me)  are MORE than encouraged to come.    This work is RESULTS driven.   People come back, again and again, because they FEEL BETTER, and it’s fun.



A pleasant, fun night out..  A little talk about chakras, the aura, some other energetic patterns, a little information on the astrology of the day, and a guided meditation while you have your energetic anatomy CLEARED….   



Here, read this article:



Howling at the moon as you return to your car, is encouraged..



Thursday 3/5/15  6-8pm  Full Moon Clearing



Friday  3/20/15  6-8pm New Moon – Solar Equinox – Solar Eclipse!!!



Chakras, Etc class starts 3/3/15, 6-8pm…  Learn more about how to perceive and USE your energetic anatomy…



Questions??   Send me an email..   and reserve your seat… 



Suzanne Trumbore Leitschuh, RPP, BCPP



The Happy Medium



Transformational Healing Center



(802) 785-4894






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