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"Through the month of January, the Upper Valley Humane
Society is offering neutered and vaccinated barn cats to places with
shelter and rodents!  These cats have grown up wild, and they have no interest in being a pet--they grew up without human contact and are perfectly happy living on their own as long as they have a place to stay warm such as a barn and a source of food such as mice.  A minor donation of cash or pet food would be gratefully accepted.  Please consider giving one or more of these cats a home.  They need your help to be safe and free again. I'd be glad to help with delivery if you need it.  I have a cat carrier to loan as well. For more information on-line:  go to  - click "Programs" and then click the "UVHS Barn Cat Program."  And for general information about feral cats, do a general google search for "Feral Cats: Frequently Asked Questions."  There are several good sites helping us understand the difference between feral cats and stray cats.
If you know of any stray or feral cats, please let me know as they might need some help.


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