Selectboard Correspondence: RE: Main Street paving project - proposed for summer 2014


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To: Nancy Kramer Subject: RE: Main Street paving project - proposed for summer 2014 Dear Selectboard:


I agree with the authors of this report that you should not rush this project without carefully considering the effect this will have on
1) the downtown traffic flow (and speeds.)
2) storm runoff






Stan Williams


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To: Milton Frye


Subject: Main Street paving project ‐ proposed for summer 2014
PROJECT: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18, 7 PM IN TRACY HALL. This is an opportunity for the public to comment "on the Main Street paving and curbing project that is proposed for this summer." The original plan is posted in Tracy Hall. Propsed project calls for 40' WIDE pavement ‐ (2)12' lanes of traffic, (2) 8' lanes for parking on both sides of street. Pavement extended to curbing on both sides of the road.






On May 27, a proposed project to widen and curb Main Street was presented at a well attended public hearing, and poorly received. At their June 11 meeting, the Norwich Selectboard discussed options for the Main Street paving project. At least three members of the selectboard seemed to feel that they didn't have enough information to make a decision, and were interested in hearing more input from the public. At the end of the discussion, a vote was taken to schedule a public meeting for the following week, on June 18.
All residents of Main Street, as well as everyone who uses Main Street for walking, biking or driving, are encouraged to attend this meeting to learn about the options and provide input to the selectboard before they make their decision. Main Street gets a major paving/rehabilitation only every 20 years or so, so the decision made now will be long lasting, and may prevent the implementation of safer bicycle and pedestrian facilities for many years to come. There are also drainage, stormwater, and aesthetic issues that particularly affect Main Street residents, which could be made worse by increasing the paved area of the street, and should be considered in any major project like this.





The Norwich Transportation Committee, an unofficial group of concerned residents, has provided several concepts for discussion with the intent of providing a safer way for children to bike to school, as well for other less confident cyclists to ride along Main Street. The group has encouraged the selectboard to put this project on hold until next year while better design options are considered. A description of their concepts can be obtained at the following link:‐TggZbQOYa





THE SELECTBOARD WILL BE VOTING ON WHETHER OR NOT TO INCLUDE MAIN STREET IN THIS YEAR'S PAVING SCHEDULE AT ITS JUNE 25 MEETING. If you are unable to attend the June 18 public forum, please provide your input to the selectboard before this important meeting.


Your opinion matters!



Carolyn Frye





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