Selectboard Correspondence: Conversation with Ralph Hybels


 Sent: Monday, April 28, 2014 8:19 PM


 To: Stephen Flanders; Linda Cook; Keith Moran; Dan Goulet



 Cc: Neil Fulton; Nancy Kramer



 Subject: Conversation with Ralph Hybels



April 28, 2014



Steve, Linda, Keith, Dan,



I am writing to follow up/report on my conversation with Ralph Hybels last Friday.



As you recall Ralph was at the 4-23-14 SB meeting; Linda called on him and asked him about giving us his opinion on the survey questions. Since I didn’t want to put him on the spot about doing this work with no warning at a public meeting, and since we had not as a SB agreed to consider using a consultant, I told him that I would call him. On the phone Ralph told me that he was volunteering to review any suggested questions to help us have as neutral and unbiased questions and language as possible. This would provide the most reliable answers to the questions on the survey and help us and the town with better information. I thanked him and said that I would pass his offer on to the the entire SB. I told him I thought his offer was an excellent idea. I explained that we had decided to have SB members submit possible questions by May 8th for the May 14th SB meeting.



Once we decide on what questions to ask or topics to ask about, if the SB agrees we can ask Ralph ( or other people) for his opinion as to whether there is a better- I.E. more neutral or unbiased- way to phrase any questions on the survey or perhaps make other editing suggestions.



Of course, individual SB member can consult with Ralph- or anyone else- before submitting their questions, but we need to make decisions as a board about which questions to ask and whether or not to use a consultant on our final document, even a volunteer consultant.



Please remember that Nancy needs your questions by May 8th at the latest if you want them to be considered by the entire SB so she can put them into the packet.



I have asked Nancy to include this note as part of the next packet and to place it under SB correspondence so as to make it as public as possible.









cc: Neil, Nancy, Ralph Hybels





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