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I am complete agreement with Meredyth Morley as to the proposed "Dollar General" moving in to the tiny town of Fairlee.  It seems completely unsuitable for the landscape of Fairlee village and also unnecessary for the town as a whole.  Our population could not possible sustain business for a 9,000 square foot box store business filled with mostly very cheaply made items from China?  Really?  This is VERMONT and we take pride in our home made products and Mom and Pop businesses.  Bradford, VT boasts empty store fronts for many years now but still went ahead with their new sewage system in preparation for a proposed "mall" in a former corn field along the train tracks on route 5.  So how is this progress and revitalization to blight the landscape with ugly, large square buildings housing cheap products made in faraway countries?  
How about moving in the direction of upgrading what we already have in Fairlee?  The railroad station is mostly under utilized and most of Lake Morey's activities have been cancelled.  Why is that?  Who remembers The Triathelon? How about the Winterfest?
What about other activities to bring people into the town?  Hot air balloon rides?  These are just a few ideas to cultivate an active community.  A Dollar General is hardly enticing.  We have West Lebanon for big box store shopping.  I just could not imagine hundreds more cars a day speeding down Main Street in Fairlee rushing to the DG.
Can you?  Anyone see this as a feasible development option for Adam's Field?
I don't and I hope that my fellow Fairlee residents agree not to sully our pretty little Vermont town.
Thank you.

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fairlee digest -- Thu, 06 Feb 2014
Greetings from the Fairlee Community Discussion List
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1. [Fairlee] Define Fairlee's Future
From: Meredyth Morley <>
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 16:06:12 -0500 In response to the recent Valley News article, "Stronger Dollar Stores:Low-Price Retail Chains Targeting Upper Valley," which focused on theDollar General assault on Vermont, we'd like to bring the focus to theimmediate concerns in Fairlee, where a proposed development is currentlybeing deliberated. As residents of Fairlee, we implore our Upper Valleyneighbors to engage in this issue. We have a tremendous opportunity to stepup and define Fairlee's future, its village, and our community landscape.
The huge Tennessee-based box store Dollar General (DG) is proposing a 9,100
sq-ft store on Route 5 in Fairlee. The location is sited in the middle of
an early c.1900s neighborhood built by the same builder of the Fairlee TownHall.
The Fairlee Development Review Board (DRB) has the authority to deny this
development proposal. A denial gives the developer the opportunity to
improve their proposal or to withdraw their application entirely. Theirauthority stems from the Fairlee Zoning Regulation that states there mustbe a "harmonious relationship between the proposed uses and the existinguses." For Fairlee to maintain its traditional Vermont characteristics andbecome a thriving community it must continue to grow in a way thatenhances, and not detracts from, the quality of life and enriches the humanspirit.  A box-store development of this magnitude and (lack of) characterwould negatively alter the direction, business landscape, and sense ofcommunity in Fairlee.
*The DRB must consider that ANY business is NOT always GOOD business.*
Please contact Fairlee's Development Review Board at before
February 11 to express your support for Fairlee's future.
In gratitude,
Susanne Pacilio and Meredyth Morley

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