long hooded red cape
There are OVER 370 subscribers to the Local Resource Network listserv!! You can see a digest of list messages in threaded format on the listserv website: http://lists.valley.net/lists/arc/LRN. ALSO VISIT the LRN Website at: http://localresourcenetwork.org/index.html Please DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE To post to the listserv just send a NEW message to LRN@lists.valley.net --------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone have a long red hooded cape so I can be little Red Riding Hood? Needed for a photo. DIna. 439-6434 ____________________________________________________________ You received this message as a subscriber on the list: LRN@lists.valley.net Do not reply to messages you receive from the group. Your reply will not be delivered to the list. Instead, create a new message and put the LRN@lists.valley.net address in the TO field. To subscribe to the list, someone just needs to send any message to: lrn-subscribe@lists.valley.net To be removed from the list, send any message to: lrn-unsubscribe@lists.valley.net For the list homepage with posting guidelines and instructions for changing your subscription options, visit http://lists.valley.net/lists/info/LRN. The archives with all previous messages posted to this list can be found at http://lists.valley.net/lists/arc/LRN. This discussion list is provided at no cost as a community service by ValleyNet, a non-profit organization. Visit http://www.valley.net for more information on this community organization.
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