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There are 300 subscribers to the Local Resource Network listserv!! You can see a digest of list messages in threaded format on the listserv website: http://lists.valley.net/lists/arc/LRN. ALSO VISIT the LRN Website at: http://localresourcenetwork.org/index.html Please DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE To post to the listserv just send a NEW message to LRN@lists.valley.net --------------------------------------------------------------------- You've got building projects? I've got lumber. Lots of 12' random width (6" to 14") boards in white and red pine. Lots of 8' 2x4. Many 16' 2x6. Some 12' 2x4 and 2x6. Lots of 10' long boards (1'"). Also live edge slabs 2" thick good for benches. All air dried. 65 cents/ board foot. Volume discounts. Call me at 802-439-6077. With advance notice I can cut custom sized boards or timbers. ____________________________________________________________ You received this message as a subscriber on the list: LRN@lists.valley.net Do not reply to messages you receive from the group. Your reply will not be delivered to the list. Instead, create a new message and put the LRN@lists.valley.net address in the TO field. To subscribe to the list, someone just needs to send any message to: lrn-subscribe@lists.valley.net To be removed from the list, send any message to: lrn-unsubscribe@lists.valley.net For the list homepage with posting guidelines and instructions for changing your subscription options, visit http://lists.valley.net/lists/info/LRN. The archives with all previous messages posted to this list can be found at http://lists.valley.net/lists/arc/LRN. This discussion list is provided at no cost as a community service by ValleyNet, a non-profit organization. Visit http://www.valley.net for more information on this community organization.
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