Join the fastest growing list in the UpperValley

HI Folk,
I am so pleased that so many of you have take to our regional UpperValley
list and made it the fastest growing list on the network. We have gone from one digest (the list is only available in digest format in order to give people that don't live a plugged in life/job an equal shot at reading the list at a certain time every day, kinda like the newspaper) with just a few posts to two full pages of digest on some days. We started in March 2012 and in little over a year have grown to over 2200 subscribers. Lets continue this and spread the word that this is the list to use if you would like to make regional announcements, sell your lawnmower in Canaan to someone in Vershire and invite people in Woodstock to your ice-cream fundraiser in Bradford. Spread the word and thanks for participating in our communities.

See y'all


Niko Horster - UpperValley list admin
802-685-3334 home

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