Thinking about an agricultural endeavor?

*Thinking about an agricultural endeavor*?

Spring is here in the upper valley yeaahhhhhh!

For anyone thinking about an agricultural endeavor before embarking, I
encourage you to consider the Suri or Haucaya Alpaca.

I raise Suri Alpacas they make up less then 10% of the world population of
alpacas. We are one of the few farms in New England raising both Suri and
Haucaya alpacas. They are both lovely animals and have beautiful fleece that can be spun into silky yarn for weaving, knitting or felting. They are curious like cats and all halter trained for easy handling and taking walks.

If your interested in an agricultural venture, these easily managed animals
are worth considering. I encourage you to give us a call and we would be
happy to discuss what is involved and how to start your farm set-up.

I have 25 years of construction experience including farm layout and
fencing. My 13 years of experience raising alpacas encompasses herd
management, selective breeding and showing. It has given me a valuable education which I am happy to share with you.

Call the farm to schedule an appointment to come by meet the alpacas, spend
time getting to know them and their caregivers. We are happy to answer any
questions. If you would like to help with shearing this year to have a hands on experience we are shearing the first week of June and welcome you to come and learn about harvesting fleece. Please call ahead to be included in shearing day.

Email me at or call the farm and ask for Lesley

Barron Hill Alpacas

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