Post by Patricia McGovern
Given a suspicious-looking post to our Leb List from "Pam Jenkins", I would like to share a warning from the Norwich List Administator, Tig Tillinghast:

"From time to time, people will have their email accounts hacked, often
resulting in scam messages being sent to all the addresses in the hacked
account's contact list, which will at times include our little list here.
Because we do not (and cannot) pre-emptively moderate posts before they are put up, these will appear in our digests. Here is how we react to them: 1- The account is removed from the list. 2- The user is notified. 3- The address can be added back once things are back in control. As for the list, we generally do not respond to these posts, as they are pretty obviously scam spam. On occasion, a new scam surfaces that might warrant comment. List readers should assume that any post containing the following is a scam: - Pleas for help from theoretical neighbors who are stuck in a foreign location and need money to get back home - Schemes involving your help in moving money from some ill-gotten source - Pretty much anything that involves a Western Union (or the like) money transfer - Credit offers that involve you paying advanced fees - Any sort of lottery claims - About everything that involves a Nigerian address unless you have had personal contact with the person in that country outside of the email conversation Less relevant to the list are the very common phishing schemes where people emailing you directly might claim to be a financial institution of yours requesting that you log in to confirm information. This is an attempt to get your password and clean out your account. And, finally, I should note that there are instances in the Upper Valley where hacked email accounts have been exploited by much, much more sophisticated scams. One Hanoverian saw that a sophisticated operator was taking his online identity and communicating with his broker to conduct stock sales and wire transfers, for instance. In general, the content on the Norwich List, as it is not pre-moderated, should be treated with the same suspicion as any other piece of email that comes into your inbox. Best, -Tig Tillinghast"
Please realize that the Lebanon List is not pre-moderated - beware! And thanks to the three people who notified me as to the scam - I didn't open the post myself because it looked so suspicious.

Pat McGovern
Lebanon List
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