Welcome to the list pomfret@

Welcome to list pomfret@lists.valley.net
Your subscription email is kw05055@gmail.com

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***This is an UNOFFICIAL list, and is not affiliated with Pomfret Town Government in any way. ***

You're receiving this invitation because you're a resident
or official of the town of Pomfret, and you are likely to
know of events of interest to town residents.

This email list is a discussion forum for topics specific to
Pomfret, VT.
***It is not an "official" list set up by the town government.*** It is open to anyone who wants to participate.

This list uses the same software that the other Upper Valley
towns are using to share local information among residents.
Please feel free to invite other Pomfret residents to join the list, so we can build a tool for town-wide communication.

The purpose of the list is to share information about local
events (such as meetings, fairs, sports games, etc.) and other
topics specific to the town of Pomfret, VT, and of local interest to Pomfret residents (such as announcements of new businesses, awards received by Pomfret residents, training classes, etc.)

It's not a place for regular commercial advertising.


To get off this list, you can send any email from your
subscribed address (given above) to:

The list homepage: http://lists.valley.net/lists/info/pomfret

General information about mailing lists: http://lists.valley.net/lists/help/introduction

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