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This week, I sat down with women’s hockey forward Lindsey Allen ’16, who leads the team in goals and points, which she attributes due to a shortened bench and small group of upperclassmen. We talked about her love for the sport and what it means for the Toronto native to be a leader on the team.

  How long have you been playing hockey and what got you into it? LA: I’ve been playing since I was 3 or 4. As a kid I wanted to do everything my brother did, and hockey is what stuck with me. I stuck out because not many other girls played hockey.   How did you end up as a forward? LA: It’s where most of the action is, and we get to score most of the goals.   How has your game developed in your time at Dartmouth? LA: The game is so much faster than high school hockey, so you learn fairly early on that you don’t have as much time with the puck. You have to skate faster, be stronger, move the puck faster, shoot harder and make decisions faster.   Has the hockey experience been what you expected it to be? LA: It’s been better. I thought it would be all work and no play. I don’t mean going out, I mean that there’s fun incorporated to the practices, and we laugh at lifts. It’s not just hockey, hockey, hockey.   Do you have any unique pre-game routines to get ready to compete? LA: I have a playlist. I put it on right before I leave my room for the game. I pause my music and get dressed. Then I take sticks and headphones to a certain seat and tape my stick. Then I sit and visualize what I want to do in that game. I read a pre-game message that my friend sends me before every game.   What is your favorite thing about the team? LA: Everyone is willing to help you out ,no matter the time of day. I love our rink. Nothing compares to Thompson [Arena]. It doesn’t matter if it’s a practice or game, it’s great being there. Looking at the past people who have worn that jersey and played in the rink adds significance. A couple of Olympians have worn my number. You see what can be achieved by attending Dartmouth and playing hockey here.   How have you developed into the team’s most consistent scorer? LA: I get garbage goals. I don’t necessarily do the work, I’m just in the right spot at the right time. Because of injuries and the shortened bench, I feel like I’ve had to step up, and so has everyone else. I feel like top-score status is a result of that. I would not be leading scorer without my linemates and the defensemen.   Do you have any plans to try and play after college? LA: That’s a little far off. I’m trying to just see where school goes for me. The CWHL is growing now, so there could be potential to play there. Or in Europe they have some women’s hockey where you can get some pay. I’ve considered that. And there’s always coaching. Either way, I’d love to incorporate hockey into whatever I do after college.   How did you feel when the women’s Canadian team beat the U.S. hockey team at the Olympics this week? LA: Super excited. We considered having practice at 6 a.m. so we could watch the gold medal game.   What’s your favorite professional team or player and why? LA: Toronto Maple Leafs. I’m from Toronto, so it’s always been blue and white. Phil Kessel from the Maple Leafs. He is a sniper, he sets up a significant amount of Toronto’s goals. His quick release is insane. I’ve learned from him to just shoot the puck and good things will happen.  
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This interview has been edited and condensed.


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