Meeting Minutes
CAPITAL FACILITIES PLANNING & BUDGETING COMMITTEE Meeting Minutes Thursday, June 23, 2011, Tracy Hall - Multipurpose Room Members Present: Ed Childs, Tom Gray, Neil Fulton, John Lawe, Evan Pierce, Barry Rotman, Tom Sterling, Bob White Secretary: Nancy Kramer Others: Pete Webster Tom Gray, Chair, called the meeting to order at 8:06 am. 1. Review of Agenda. The agenda was approved by consensus. 2. Public Comments. The Committee received a follow up email from Flanders regarding his proposed private/public partnership idea. The Committee decided to table further discussion on this for now. 3. Review and Categorize Projects. 4. Review Fleet Information. Fulton stated there was more information missing from Department Heads than received. Information missing: Tracy Hall, Town Clerk, Listers, Fire, Public Safety, Public Works and Recreation. Webster will follow up with Department Heads. After discussing the Public Works site review, numbers for financing, sidewalk costs and touring existing facilities; the Committee agreed that a form should be developed that helps the Department Heads provide project information. Fulton will follow up on this. 5. Review Population and Housing Information. Gray suggested that the Committee take up a discussion of affordable housing with the Planning Commission. The Committee agreed that it was a reasonable assumption that community growth will stay stable. Traffic counts were discussed. The DPW Review Committee is looking at this and feels some counts are missing. It was agreed that the Capital Facilities Committee would support responsible growth. 6. Review Selectboard Changes to Capital Budget Policy. The Selectboard approved the revised Capital Budget Policy with the following project criteria:  Corrects noncompliance with local, state or federal laws, regulations or codes  Mitigates existing safety hazards  Achieves the best life cycle cost of all options, including the status quo.  Meets policy goals, Town Plan or strategic plan that may be set by the Selectboard.  Is eligible to receive matching state or federal grant funds.  Reduces public costs as a result of a public/private partnership.  Addresses public demand for new or improved capabilities that benefit a majority of the population.  Mitigates or reduces the potential of both natural and man-made disasters, according to established risk-assessment calculations.  Achieves recognized sustainability standards like LEED or Energy Star.  Provides capacity to serve future growth, resulting from known or highly probable changes in Town needs. The Committee reviewed the criteria. Kramer will distribute the revised Policy to Committee members. Page 2 7. Determine Additional Information Needed. Whether there was a need for updated MARCON Report information was discussed briefly. The Committee also needs information on several reserve funds. 8. Review Minutes from June 9 and June 15 Meetings. The Committee discussed listing public names if they comment in the minutes. Afterwards, Fulton moved (2nd Childs) that Committee minutes should follow the Selectboard pattern of listing public who comment. Motion passed 6 to 2 (yes – Childs, Gray, Fulton, Pierce, Rotman and White; no – Lawe and Sterling). Fulton moved (2nd Gray) to adopt the June 9 and June 15, 2011, as amended, minutes. Motion passed. 9. Other Business. After some discussion, the Committee decided to do a tour of the Department of Public Works, Police Station and Fire Station July 13th at 7:30 am starting at the DPW. 10. Adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 9:07 am. Approved by the Committee August 25, 2011. Nancy Kramer, Secretary Tom Gray, Chair Future Meetings: Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 8:00 am Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 7 pm Second Public Forum
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