GMP Opt Out

This post is to inform those who may have overlooked information sent to
them by their local, multinational electric utility, Green Mountain Power,
or who have solely relied their incomplete information.

GMP began installing radio frequency automatic meter reading (AMR) devices
on certain homes within their territory a few of years ago. Beginning in
February of 2012, with the financial support of the US Department of Energy and the regulatory blessings of Vermont Public Service Board, GMP started deploying newer advance metering infrastructure (AMI), aka: smart meters in the Norwich/Hartford area.

In May of 2012, the Vermont Legislature and Governor Shumlin passed Act
170, making Vermont the very first state in the country to give electric
customers a completely free option to avoid these new meters that have been the subject of thousands of health complaints around the world. Elsewhere, customers either have no option but to accept these new meters, or must pay a hefty monthly surcharge to keep their analog/electromechanical/non-transmitting meter.

While Vermont has been progressive and precautionary in some ways regarding
deployment of these new devices, more than one state agency has found no
reason to be concerned with this technology. This complacency is likely due to a combination of a) not understanding that the thermally-based RF guidelines set by the FCC inadequately protects biology and b) not wanting to turn down millions of dollars in federal stimulus funds (ARRA of 2009), ie: not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Having spent more than two years examining this issue, and measuring the
emissions from these meters, I can say with certainty that the impulsivity
and frequency of the signals emitted by GMP's smart meters does pose a risk to people and animals within 50 feet of the meters. While "microwave sickness" is a well-documented phenomenon, it is not well understood by the public or health care providers because certain financial and political interests would prefer to keep this information hidden.

While I respect an individual's right to avoid unpleasant or inconvenient
information in order to protect one's peace of mind, I find it
inappropriate for corporations to mislead their customers about the safety and level of emissions produced by their products, or 3rd party products they use to conduct business, especially when they are for all intents and purposes a monopoly. Given that in many cases the people being exposed to these bursts of radio frequency radiation (RFR) are children who have no way to understand this complicated issue or any say in whether these devices are placed near their bedrooms or playgrounds, I strongly encourage those with children, expecting children, or caring for elderly to opt out and request GMP to provide them with a "non-transmitting analog meter." To be sure, anyone with a pulse has a great deal to gain by avoiding these new meters.

Lastly, if you are one of the 12,000 (and counting) businesses and
households in Vermont that has already opted out, please be aware that you
may still have an AMR meter that looks like an analog meter, yet transmits about 10 times per minute as it looks for a meter reading truck that has since been decommissioned. This is likely the case if you opted out prior to having a new smart meter installed and are in territory previously served by GMP before the merger with CVPS. If you need help confirming that your meter is a safe, non-transmitting analog meter, or have experienced health effects typical with smart meter exposure, please do not hesitate to contact me. Information about these symptoms can be found here:

Vermont's first-in-the-nation free opt out law can be found here:

safe regards,

Upper Valley Electrosmog Awareness

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