Norwich Planning Commission Meeting Minutes Thursday, October 27, 2011
NORWICH PLANNING COMMISSION Meeting Minutes Thursday, October 27, 2011, Tracy Hall Regular Meeting Members Present: Ralph Hybels, Tom Gray, Brooke Adler, Anne Silberfarb Members Absent: Jeff Goodrich, Daniel Johnson, Richard Stucker Clerk: Phil Dechert Others: Stuart Richards Tom Gray, Vice-Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:13 PM. 1. Agenda – Approved 2. Comments from the Public – Stuart Richards had questions regarding changes in the town plan draft, proposed changes to the subdivision regulations, and if the town plan is subject to a petition for a town vote. Dechert will get back to him regarding voting on a town plan. 3. Minutes – 10-13-11 – Approved without changes. 4. Announcements & Reports: Dechert reported that he had attended the following workshops: a. VLCT “Weathering the Storm” workshop. Future mitigation of storm related water damage through regulatory and non-regulatory programs. Daniel Johnson also attended. b. VPA “Complete Streets Workshop” c. FEMA/DEC Flood “Substantial Damage Estimating Workshop” 5. Municipal Planning Grant ‘12 The town is unable to apply until the town plan has been adopted and confirmed by the RPC. Dechert is researching other sources of planning grants. 6. Affordable Housing – Procedures were discussed for setting up the Affordable Housing Subcommittee. The consensus was for a five member board with two planning commission members and three members from the former Affordable Housing Committee appointed by the Chair of the Planning Commission. Terms and a committee charge will be discussed at the next meeting. 7. Town Plan – The second Selectboard Town Plan Public Hearing was held on October 26. After the hearing, the Clerk was asked by the Selectboard to prepare a final draft for adoption to include the changes presented at the hearing and any other table or chart updates based on new data. The final draft will be delivered to the Town Manager by December 2 to be posted on the town web site and distributed to members. The vote for adoption is scheduled for December 14. 8. Subdivision Regulation Revisions Discussion of the 9-22-11 version of Revised Subdivision Regulations continued on the use of terms to describe development impact on natural resource features in Section 3.3. The Clerk recommended specific changes to bring consistency in the use of “adverse impact”, “undue adverse impact”, “minimize”, “avoid”, and others. Some other vague terms were replaced with more specific modifiers. Norwich Planning Commission – Minutes October 27, 2011 Page 2 The clerk will deliver the latest draft to the DRB members on November 3 and schedule review meetings with them. Meeting adjourned at 9:11 PM. Phil Dechert, Clerk APPROVED 11/10/11 Future Meetings: Thursday, November 10 at 7 PM Thursday, December 8 at 7 PM To receive email notices of Planning Commission meetings and hearings, agendas, minutes and other notices, send an email to asking to be placed on the Planning Commission Email List. All Planning Commission agendas and minutes may be found at:
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