Norwich Planning Commission Meeting Minutes Thursday, January 24, 2013
NORWICH PLANNING COMMISSION AFFORDABLE HOUSING ROUNDTABLE Thursday, January 24, 2013, Tracy Hall 7:00 PM - Affordable Housing Roundtable PC Members Present: Ralph Hybels, Tom Gray, Daniel Johnson, Jeff Goodrich, and Susan Brink Clerk: Phil Dechert Affordable Housing Subcommittee Members: Creigh Moffatt, Kathleen Shepherd, Paul Manganiello Guests: Anne Duncan Cooley – Upper Valley Housing Coalition, Andrew Winter – Twin Pines Housing Trust, Buff McLaughry – Lang McLaughry Real Estate Others: Jeff Lubell, Neil Fulton Discussion included:  Creigh Moffatt presented a brief history of past affordable housing projects built in Norwich and past efforts to create new affordable housing. Major obstacles have been availability and high cost of land, and limited wastewater capacity.  Several participants reported current trends in the Upper Valley including: o small decrease in population in NE except Upper Valley o current house prices at 2004 level o higher demand for rentals, lower demand for single family homes o demand for senior housing will grow o buyers looking for energy efficiency and broadband connection o trend towards smaller houses including “bungalows” and “cottages”  Town Plan and Zoning supports a diversity in housing types and affordability o PUDs allow density bonus for affordable housing o Subdivision regulations allow for higher density for PUDs o Duplexes are a permitted use in all districts o Accessory dwelling structures (guest house) are allowed as a conditional use o No restrictions on housing types  Future trends o UVHC looking for sites to build “small house” demonstration developments o Twin Pines is considering replacing older mobile homes with energy efficient small houses  Future Considerations:  There is demand throughout the Upper Valley, including Norwich, for affordable and workforce housing, especially rental units  Energy is a significant factor in housing affordability for both new and existing homeowners  The PC should move forward on the Route 5 South/River Road planning process with a goal of supporting both affordable and market priced housing, and mixed uses  The Affordable Housing Subcommittee should meet quarterly and when specific issues or opportunities arise APPROVED 2/14/13
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