Selectboard Correspondence: Norwich Selectboard Correspondence


From: Craig L. Donnelly
To: Nancy Kramer
Date: Monday, March 26, 2012 1:34:48 PM


Dear Selectboard Members,
I would like to add my comments in support of Bill Pearce’s regarding the safety of Willey Hill Road
and the entrance to Hawk Pine through the “S-turn” area. Despite great efforts to maintain it, the road continually slip into major disrepair. This is not only costly regarding the wear and tear on everyone’s automobiles, and annoying owing to the measures we have to take to avoid the deep, muddy trenches that develop. It is also dangerous. The school bus and multiple cars have gone off the road this year owing to the conditions of the road top. It presents drivers, pedestrians and their animals, with a dangerous situation, as the road is one of the busiest, high volume dirt roads in Norwich. Many young children live in the Hawk Pine neighborhood and I believe that the road represents a true risk factor for them, owing to its frequent state of disrepair. Runners in the neighborhood, as well as bicyclists, scooter and motorcyclists all face the same risks. I would strongly encourage that these sections be paved. This would contribute significantly to the safety and reducing risk liability. It would encourage folks to walk or bicycle to town. And, although the initial capital investment of paving the road is significant, I believe that it would actually save money and labor costs for the town over the intermediate to long term. Certainly it would save significant costs to the users of the road in terms of car damage, wear and tear, towing charges for getting stuck, etc. On a personal note, I am a physician and often on call at the hospital which requires me to travel in to Dartmouth late at night. There have been many harrowing experiences for me over the years when traveling these particular sections (Willey Hill, Hawk Pine) of road, when trying to get to the Hospital with dispatch, I have gotten stuck or off the edge of the road. Thanks very much for your attention and consideration about this important issue. Best regards, Craig Craig L. Donnelly, MD Professor of Psychiatry & Pediatrics Chief, Section of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center One Medical Center Drive Lebanon, NH 03756 603-650-4724  








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