Minutes of the Selectboard Meeting of Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 6:30 PM
Minutes of the Selectboard Meeting of Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 6:30 PM Members present: Stephen Flanders, Chair; Christopher Ashley; Ed Childs; Linda Cook; Keith Moran; Neil Fulton, Town Manager; Nancy Kramer, Assistant to the Town Manager. There were 7 people in the audience. Also participating: Phil Dechert, Nancy Hoggson, Bonnie Munday, Doug Robinson, Nate Stearns. Flanders opened the meeting at 6:30 pm. 1. Approval of Agenda (Action Item). After some discussion and rearranging some agenda items, by consensus the Selectboard approved the Agenda. 2. Public Comments. Flanders welcomed members of the public and asked that people wishing to speak would state their name and address clearly. Flanders also stated that townspeople should consider the Town Manager the primary source of information. Cook reminded people that the Town Memorial Day Parade would be Sunday, May 26th at noon and start at the Legion Post. There will be a tribute to two brothers killed in World War II at the bridge by the Catholic Church. 3. Finance Committee (Discussion). Stearns, speaking as Chair of the Finance Committee, said the Committee currently has three members and they need four for a quorum. The Committee would like an exception to the charge granted for the Treasurer. Alternatively, they would like the language in the charge changed to allow people who receive a stipend from the Town to be a member of the Committee. The Committee is gearing up for community outreach in June because of pending legislation related to education funding. Moran supports the Treasurer being on the Committee as she is the only one with historical perspective. Flanders said that the Selectboard was trying to address any issue regarding conflict of interest in the charge. Flanders suggested recruiting members for the Committee from businesses in Town. The Board also discussed the possibility of changing the number of members on the Committee. It was agreed that this would be on the agenda for June 12th as an action item. 4. Public Hearing on Town of Norwich Subdivision Regulations Amendments (Discussion/Possible Action Item). Ashley moved (2nd Cook) to open the first public hearing on the Town of Norwich Subdivision Regulations Amendments. Motion passed. Dechert said that, regarding Ashley’s previous question on grandfathering of subdivisions, the Planning Commission has decided to let that decision be made when/or if the formula is changed. Dechert also said the Regulations have been in effect since the public hearing was warned. After some discussion, the Selectboard agreed by consensus to warn a second public hearing for June 12th with the option of adopting the Regulations then if no changes were made. Childs moved (2nd Ashley) to close the first public hearing on the Town of Norwich Subdivision Regulations Amendments. Motion passed. 5. Town Manager’s Report (Discussion). After several meetings with representatives of a group called the Hosers, Kearney, Hodgdon, Fulton and Mark Bergeron regarding the grade differential at the ice rink, it has been agreed to make minor modifications to the area fully funded by donations. Fulton said there has been a lot of discussion on the Norwich Listserv about the solicitors in Town. The Town does have a Street Vendors Ordinance but commercial speech is protected and you cannot prohibit door-to-door sales. The Ordinance could be extended to allow a resident to have a no solicitation sign and Fulton has discussed with Robinson having a no solicitation registry. The Town Manager will work on these changes if the Board is interested in revising the Ordinance. After some discussion of after-hours solicitation, the Selectboard asked for the Ordinance to be on the June 12th agenda. A draft of the new values in the Town-wide reappraisal went out to taxpayers May 10th. Approximately 100 people have requested an informal hearing. The assessment data link is up on the Town website. The change of appraisal notices should be out by May 31st and the final Gland List lodged by July 2nd. The union election was yesterday and they have voted to change to the New England Police Benevolent Association. The tower process remains on track and Dechert is working on the government form for the Historic Preservation part of the application. 6. Finance – Board to Sign Accounts Payable/Warrants (Action Item). After a couple of questions, Ashley moved (2nd Childs) to approve Check Warrant Report #13-36 for General Fund in the amount of $58,766.11, for Fire Apparatus Fund in the amount of $34.44, for Police Cruiser Fund in the amount of $54.90, for Town Reappraisal Fund in the amount of $15,181.20 and for Communications Construction Fund in the amount of $4,449 for the period from 5/9/13 to 5/22/13. Motion passed. 7. Selectboard Response to §248a Application for Certificate of Public Good for Radio Communications Tower (Discussion/Action Item). Fulton said that the Norwich Planning Commission response to the Vermont Public Service Board was included in the packet. The Planning Commission is recommending approval of the project. Notice has been given to abutters and a Selectboard response should be done no later than the June 12th meeting. Ashley moved (2nd Childs) that the Town of Norwich Selectboard concurs with and supports the Planning Commission response. After discussion regarding the Application and that the Planning Commission response was a direct response to statutory language based on the tower design, that the response was reviewed by a lawyer and limited the tower to a community owned and operated (municipal) use, Ashley withdrew his motion until the next Selectboard meeting. 8. Town Records Preservation and Conservation (Discussion/Possible Action Item). Flanders had drafted a memo for the Selectboard packet that he feels has become moot and should be put aside for now. This is largely due to his email correspondence (provided for the Board) with Tanya Marshall (State Archivist) and Karen Richard (Colchester Town Clerk) and conversations with Munday. As seen on the storage report also provided to the Selectboard, Munday has made good progress on microfilming documents so the Town is not in an emergency situation. Munday would like to have a maintenance program rather than taking a huge conservation approach. Munday will work with Flanders to develop a spreadsheet that shows the “big picture”. Cook complimented Munday on what she has done so far saying it was great the way we are going. There was discussion regarding: State best practices, fees charged for document recording, goals, the reserve fund for record restoration and the Kofile proposal. The Board agreed to first assess the degree of preservation needed in house. Munday thanked the Selectboard for their time and efforts. 9. Transfer Station Sticker Policy (Discussion). Fulton had placed his proposed changes to the Policy in the packet. The changes address some problems of the past and addressed about 80% of the issues raised. Fulton wanted the Selectboard to have the opportunity to provide input before he issues. There was discussion regarding: nonresidential sticker, additional people being provided at the Transfer Station during the busy time, some information being digitized and sticker fees. Fulton said he does not want to overregulate and that most people comply. 10. Reappoint Sharon Racusin to the Advance Transit Board of Directors (Discussion/Action Item). Cook moved (2nd Ashley) to reappoint Sharon Racusin to the Advance Transit Board of Directors for a term beginning June 24, 2013 and ending June 23, 2016. Motion passed. 11. Selectboard FY14 Goals (Discussion/Possible Action Item). Flanders said that goal #1 for the Selectboard regarding strategic planning has been started and the next step is to share the strategic ideas input form with standing Town committees. Items #2 and #4 are in process. Item #3 was dropped by the Board at their October 24, 2012 meeting. There was some discussion of putting it back in. Item #5 was dropped as it is a Town Manager responsibility. On item #6 Moran requested review of the investment policy. The Town Manager will develop a process for contractual assistance for codifying ordinances on item #7. Items #8 and #10 are completed. After some discussion, item #9 was dropped. Flanders suggested adding the following items: lessons learned and review of Town Manager/Selectboard roles handout for organizational meeting. Flanders will revise the document accordingly for discussion at the June 12th meeting. 12. Selectboard a) Approval of the Minutes of the 4/24/13 Meeting. Ashley moved (2nd Childs) to approve the minutes of the April 24, 2013 Selectboard meeting. Motion passed. b) Review of Next Agendas (Discussion/Possible Action Item). Items on the next agenda will include: Second Public Hearing and possible adoption of the Subdivision Regulations, review of Street Vendors Ordinance, Selectboard goals, review of Finance Committee charge and possible appointment of Lindberg to the Committee, review of Selectboard member appointments to Selectboard committees, approval of the bond package for the July bond sale and Selectboard response to application for Certificate of Public Good. Cook moved (2nd Ashley) to adjourn. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:14 pm. Approved by the Selectboard on June 26, 2013. By Nancy Kramer Assistant to the Town Manager Stephen N. Flanders Selectboard Chair Next Regular Meeting – June 12, 2013 at 6:30 PM PLEASE NOTE THAT CATV RECORDS ALL REGULAR MEETINGS OF THE NORWICH SELECTBOARD. 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